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How Much Will An ADU Cost?

Every ADU project will have its own unique expenses attached to the build. Many of the items listed below should be considered in your ADU budget. Not all of these costs will arise in your project, however it's important to budget for the ones that will.

Typical Expenses Of Building An ADU

Planning Phase

Feasibility Assessment
Plan Development - Standard Plans
Plan Development - Custom Plans
New Septic Plans
Fire Sprinkler Plans

Submit & Permit

Plan Check Fees
Permit Fees
School Fees
Impact Fees
Fire Department Fees

Site Prep Work

Demo Existing Structures
Removing Obstacles - Trees, Rocks, Concrete
Leveling /Grading For Building Pad
Removing Excess Dirt OffSite
Trenching For Utilities
Drainage Modifications
Lot Survey
Soil Report


Vertical Building Cost - Select Model
Alternate Foundation
Finish Upgrades
Driveway Addition
Solar Installation
Fire Sprinklers


Running Utility Connections
Electrical Panel Swap
Adding A Power Pole
Upgraded / New Transformer
Concrete Cutting & Pouring Back
Additional Gas Meter
Sewage Ejector Pump/ Lift Station
Septic System Upgrade

Don't let your project become a Money Pit. Know what you're getting into.

Estimate Your ADU
Costs Using Our

Feasibility Assessment

We Provide the Best Possible Estimate by:

- Thoroughly Evaluating Your Site For Any Concerning Conditions Or Situations that Will Affect The Cost Of Your Build.

- Creating A Site Plan To Map Utility Paths To Help Anticipate Potential Challenges During The Project Ahead.

- Working Directly With Local Building Department Officials, Utility Companies, & Contractors To Identify What Additionally May Be Required To Complete The Job & The Costs Associated With Them.

If You're Getting Quotes Without Having A Thorough Site Assessment,
Expect Hidden Charges.

Begin Your ADU Build With Our Feasibility Assessment
To Uncover The Actual Cost Of Your Project.

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