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Feasibility Assessment

Feasibiliy Assessment

Is An ADU Financially Right For You?

Oftentimes, contractors don’t take the proper time & effort in their estimates to predict what additional expenses may arise, resulting in unwelcome & often high expenses to the client. In some instances, this unexpected increase in cost can quickly exceed the client’s original budget, and derail the project, leaving the client scrambling to come up with additional funding. Many such contractors are primarily focused on getting the sale, rather than focusing on what’s good for the client. We want to make sure our clients understand that there are more costs associated with the building of an ADU.

“It’s better to have all the facts before making a decision”

Our Feasibility Assessment aims to thoroughly evaluate and anticipate all potential situations and conditions that may present themselves to provide a highly detailed cost in depth analysis of what our client’s project can undertake.

The ultimate goal of this analysis is to provide our clients with the tools to make a financially based decision whether to go forward with the project, or to determine that it may not be feasible at the current time. We can’t emphasize the utmost importance that the Feasibility Assessment provides, and recommend anyone considering to build an ADU on their property to find a contractor who will offer this service.

How Do We Accomplish This?

  • Create a site plan to map existing utilities and potential routes to ADU.
  • Existing utilities on the primary residence are evaluated to determine what if any alterations are necessary to support an ADU.
  • A “Load Calc” on the existing Electrical Panel to identify whether an upgrade is required.
  • The sanitary sewer main is located to determine the “tie in” location. The depth of this point also determines if there is enough fall for the ADU sewer line to be simply patched in or if a lift station is required. Septic systems are evaluated and any necessary improvements are determined.
  • The water supply is examined and the best route is determined.
  • The gas meter is evaluated to determine if it can sustain the additional residence or whether an additional meter is needed to be installed.
  • We communicate with utility providers to collect construction details that directly refer to your property to satisfy their requirements.
  • Work closely with county departments to ensure that our pre-plans are complaint what the local building codes.
  • Evaluate conditions by scheduling visits to the site by our vetted subcontractors to
    thoroughly evaluate the site for potential concerning conditions.
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