Cozy ADU

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ADU?

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit that is attached or detached from the primary residence.

Can I build an ADU on my property?

Properties with an existing residential dwelling  are allowed to build an ADU.

What are the differences between an attached and detached ADU

An attached ADU is contained within the existing primary dwelling, or an added addition that shares a wall with the existing home. Attached ADU’s must provide a separate entrance from the primary dwelling. Example: Converting an attached garage or basement into an ADU.

A detached ADU is a stand alone separate unit from the primary dwelling. Example: Converting a detached garage into an ADU, or constructing a new structure away from the main home.

Can I convert my detached garage into an ADU?

In most instances, yes. Provided that the county recognizes the garage as a permitted structure and that it meets the building requirements of the county.

Can an ADU be rented to generate income?

The ADU can be rented, however it cannot be rented for short term purposes, less than 31 days.

Is the ADU required to have solar panels?

More often than not, Yes. All newly constructed ADUs must install solar panels, however some counties don’t require it if the primary residence has solar panels.

What is the maximum size ADU I can build?

Local codes vary. Sacramento county for example states:

Attached ADU – 500 sqft, plus an additional 150 sqft for ingress/egress.

Detached ADU – 1200 sqft max.

What impact fees will I expect to incur? 

Fees vary by county. In Sacramento County for example:

Less than 750 sqft – no impact fees

750 – 1200 sqft – Proportionate of the square footage

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